Hello, lonely male bowerbird.

Your quest: collect colorful treasures to decorate your bower and attract a female bowerbird. Venture into the nearby park to seek objects worthy of your design sensibilities.

What sort of game is this?

This is a text adventure game written as part of the Adventuron Treasure Hunt Jam. As a treasure hunt game, the player must collect all the treasures and bring them to one place. This happens to be what real bowerbirds do! As a text adventure game, you interact with the world via text descriptions and typed commands. There are no graphics, outside of your mind! The jam rules included an additional restriction that names and descriptions be no longer than two or six words, respectively. That suits a tiny little bowerbird just fine.


Concept by Ellen Ragheb

Puzzle design by Benjamin & Ellen Ragheb

Programming by Benjamin Ragheb

Sound design by Ellen Ragheb

Cover art based on "in the bower...", photo by doug, shared on Flickr and licensed under CC BY 2.0

Thanks to House House for blazing the trial for games with playable birds and without titles

Special thanks to Bridget Fitzgerald and Curtis Retherford for play testing

What do you think?

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Development log


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Hello, i liked your game. Nicely smooth playthrough. Only the puzzle with the sleeping man did stop me for a longer time. Anyway, here is a thumbs up for the idea and overall feel. ;-)

Thanks! That seems to be where people get stuck the most often. Let me know if you have any ideas for improving it.


It is ok as it is. No need to change 😊. The solution to any text game is to just read carefully and don't skip words. That is the place where i stumbled, because i did read the message to fast.

What i did though was that i lured the dog there and then flied from west to east and back because i did think that somehow making more barking noise around him will wake him up lol.

I am not here to tell you in any way to improve this game. It is yours and your wife creation. Like a child of love you both created from joy. And thus i do not want to spoil this beautifull child with my own poopy ideas. It is already playable, fun, unique and one of my favorites in this jam. Good luck. 😉